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Disneyland With Kids Podcast

Jun 9, 2022

You want to go to Disney, but should you pick Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Today we are breaking down how to decide which park is right for you in a special, crossover episode with Disney Deciphered.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World seems to be a very heated topic among Disney fans. Many are loyal to one park and will argue why it is better to the bitter death. Sounds dramatic? Maybe, but die-hard Disney parks fans take it that seriously. 

Disneyland Castle next to Walt Disney World Castle

So today we have Leslie, who grew up going to Walt Disney World but now considers Disneyland her home park, and Joe, a Walt Disney World regular, breaking down how to know which park is the right fit for your Disney Vacation.

Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Which One Is The Right Fit For You

In this episode, Leslie, from Trips with Tykes, invites Joe, from As The Joe Flies, to discuss how to choose which park is right for your vacation. Joe is a Walt Disney World regular who recently visited Disneyland, and Leslie calls Disneyland home, but visits Walt Disney World now and then...including a trip this month.

Show Notes and Timestamps:

4:09 - Long trips

7:10 - Short trips

8:56 - Adult only trips

12:13 - Ride junkies

14:53 - Foodie trips

18:17 - Mobility issues

21:47 - Disney dos and don'ts