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Disneyland With Kids Podcast

Jul 1, 2020

The great American Road Trip! One of the best destinations to road trip to is Disneyland. And that is exactly what we are talking about in today's episode of the Disneyland with Kids Podcast. From how to pack your car for a road trip, to how to keep the kids entertained, our road trip warrior experts are helping you plan to that everyone is still smiling when the vacation is over. After listening to this episode, will you join Becca in team #roadtripsforlife? 

Family reading a map by car

Disneyland Road Trip Tips!

While flying to Disneyland is a popular option, many of our Disneyland with Kids Facebook Group members have chosen to make the journey to The Happiest Place on Earth an adventure all its own via a road trip. Thankfully, between other group members, and our co-founders we have all of the best road trip tips for you. 

In This Episode

Before we get into the show notes, just a note that we are currently looking for a transcription service for our episodes. We are working to make our information accessible. In the meantime, most (if not all) of the information from the podcast may be found on our websites within the links in the show notes.

Here is what you can look forward to in this episode of the Disneyland with Kids Podcast

Best Tips for Taking a Disneyland Road Trip

In this episode, Jessica, from The Happiest Blog On Earth, and Becca, from This Crazy Adventure Called Life, discuss their best tips for driving to Disneyland for your vacation. As moms who have made the drive often, from Utah and Idaho respectively, we have come together to offer our best tips. From planning, to packing, and how to keep everyone happy along the way, we have you covered. 

If you are looking for specific tips, like where to stop along the way for your route, be sure to join the Disneyland with Kids Facebook group. Many of our members are happy to share their favorite places to stop and rest, stretch, and get a bite to eat.

Before we get to the show notes, let's talk about planning your Disneyland vacation.

If you are hoping to head to Disneyland Resort when ticket sales resume, we suggest booking through our partners at Get Away Today. As a reminder, ticket sales have been paused while Disneyland works to reopen. However, you can still book hotels, and Disneyland will open ticket sales again when they are able to.

Not only do they have amazing discounts for our followers, they offer a Peace of Mind Plan, so you can book now, getting the best deal, but knowing that they will take care of you should you need to cancel or reschedule. They are currently booking vacations through 2021!

They have discounted tickets, free hotel nights and more. Be sure to use code DisneyKids when booking a hotel stay of 2 or more nights to save even more! 

They also have partners in areas like St George - where my family likes to stop overnight on our drive down to Disneyland.

In this episode we talk about road trips to Disneyland:

After listening to the episode, you may want to check out:

Want to talk more about your road trip for your Disneyland vacation? Be sure to share with us in the Disneyland with Kids Facebook Group.

Plan Your Disneyland Vacation:

If you want to book a Disneyland vacation we suggest booking through our partners at Get Away Today.

Want to connect with other Disneyland with Kids community members, receive and share tips, and more? Join the Disneyland with Kids Group on Facebook.

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