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Disneyland With Kids Podcast

Aug 11, 2021

Information about Disneyland's new Annual Pass program - Magic Key - has been released. What will the cost be, are there blackout dates, and what about payment arrangements? Get all the answers from this episode of the Disneyland with Kids podcast.

Disneyland's New Magic Key Pass

Disneyland's Magic Key Pass will go on sale on August 25, 2021. Before you wait in what will probably be a multi-hour virtual queue to purchase your Magic Key, be sure to listen to this episode. We have secret ways to save, plus reasons why you might want to wait to purchase that pass.

In This Episode - Magic Key Details

In this episode of the Disneyland with Kids podcast, Becca, from This Crazy Adventure Called Life, and Jessica, from The Happiest Blog On Earth, went live, minutes after the details were released about Disneyland's Magic Key Pass, the new annual pass program. We have turned the first part of that live stream into a podcast for our listeners.

Before we get into the show notes, one of our tips involves purchase tickets through our partners at Get Away Today. Did you know that Disneyland with Kids members have an exclusive discount? Be sure to book via our link, plus use code DisneyKids to save an additional $10 on hotel bookings of 2 nights or more.

What We Cover In Our Magic Key Episode:

  • We break down the 4 different Magic Key Pass options, their perks, costs, and yes, payment plans
  • General info on black out dates
  • Why the top key doesn't say "no blackout dates" even though there are none
  • When will Magic Keys go on sale (hint: August 25th)
  • Special Gift for those purchasing the first 66 days
  • Magical Extras during September
  • Why you should buy a park ticket now, and your Magic Key later
  • Secret ways to save on your Magic Key
  • Which Magic Key will we be getting

Note: We have confirmed that the California Resident Tickets cannot be upgraded to Annual Passes

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