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Disneyland With Kids Podcast

Sep 7, 2021

Disneyland has a changed a lot over the years, but it seems announcements about upcoming changes are coming faster than ever. At the same time, we still have plenty of experiences that have yet to return to the parks. It is a strange time, and we are reflecting on favorites and what we want Disneyland to bring back.

It is season 3 of the Disneyland with Kids Podcast and we are kicking it off with our season opener, recorded in Disneyland in the Wine Country Trattoria area. So sit back, listen in, and enjoy the background sounds of the park.

In this Episode - What we love and what we miss

In this episode, Becca, Jessica, Julie and Leslie gather together after a busy day of exploring Halloween Time at Disneyland. We take a moment to reflect as it was our first time with all four of us IN the parks together since the reopening.

We play a somewhat rapid fire pick 3, so play along with us.

What are our top 3 food picks?

Which attractions are the most underrated that people should be sure not to miss?

What 3 things do we want Disneyland to please bring back!

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